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An excellent way of borrowing funds against your Debtor Book instead of using a Bank Overdraft secured by a legal charge over your own house or, in the case of a Limited Company or PLC, a Guarantee supported by a legal charge over your house or other property.

On signing up with the Factoring Company they will pay you 80% to 90% of your outstanding Debtor Book so that you do not have to wait the usual 30/60 days for payment of outstanding invoices! The remaining 10% to 20% of the outstanding invoices are paid to you. Less the Lender’s Charges, when your customer pays the factoring Company.

The Lender ensures that your clients pays any outstanding invoices leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

You will pay the lender a Service Charge and Interest on the cost of funds used.

These facilities are available for businesses OF ANY SIZE and you can opt to Factor just some of your Book Debts rather than the entire client book.

Facilities are also available for IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS and can include Credit Insurance to protect you should any of your clients go out of business.

INVOICE DISCOUNTING WORKS ON A SIMILAR BASIS except that YOU maintain control of the Credit Management function and your customers will not be aware that you are making use of the facility. The Service Charge is lower as a result because you are not charged for the management of the Debtor Book.

Let us locate the most flexible and competitive quote for you: The Cheapest deal is not always the best and flexibility is paramount.

To enable us to obtain terms on your behalf (without obligation) please e-mail us or Telephone 01473 716202 and we will e-mail you a simple single page Questionnaire for completion and return. This information will enable us to quote terms.


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