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In order to process an application for funding we will need to be supplied with information including accounts and personal financial details by you, the client and by other sources such as your Bank and Credit Reference Agencies.

We may, also, when authorised by you in writing, apply for supplementary information from your professional or other advisers.

We will record this information (whether manually operated or automated systems) and retain it only as long as we are required by law to do so. Where possible, any information that we do hold will be deleted from our records as soon as it has been passed on to the lending sources. We will keep it as securely as possible on computer which is protected by first class Anti-Virus software.

We will use the information to assess the application, to approach a number of selected funders and subsequently, in negotiation for the issue of an Offer of funding with them.

In order to do so, we will disclose such of this information as is necessary to negotiate terms with a funding source, with employees of this business, any guarantor required by the funder, any person or organisation necessary to comply with legal or regulatory requirements to which we may be subject, and anyone else whom you may specifically authorise in writing.

We may also use the information to monitor and analyse our business and, unless you instruct us in writing not to do so, contact you with details of products and services which may be of interest to you.

In the event that we search with credit reference agencies, we will need to disclose information about you, The credit reference agencies will record details or our searches. If you would like details of the credit reference agencies please write to us at our Office address.

You have the right to apply to us for details of the information we hold about you and no administrative charge will be made by us for doing so.You can at any time ask us to delete the information that we hold on file.



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